Cinnamon Bread

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Take breakfast to the next level with our soft cinnamon swirl bread! We recommend slicing the bread and toasting it lightly and then topping it with your favorite nut butters, jams, or anything else that you like! 

For long term storage, keep frozen. 

P.S. For our storefront, we roll our cinnamon breads in sugar. Cinnamon breads for shipping are not rolled in sugar to provide a better quality product upon arrival. Yo can enjoy the bread as is or you can warm it in the oven at 375°for about 5 minutes, which helps the bread release some of the butter within. Take the bread out and then roll in plain or cinnamon sugar! 

Ingredients: Eggs, Patent Flour, Cake Flour,

Sugar, Shortening (soybean oil and hydrogenated soybean oil), Powdered Milk, Baking Powder, Water, Cinnamon, Salt, Yeast, Pecans and/or Raisins